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Poker & Martini Party (Poker limit 26 people, Martini no limit) — May 4, 2019, 7pm

Guaranteed to be a fun event! Poker for 26 people ($25 buy-in), or if Poker isn’t your thing, come to enjoy hand crafted Martinis! And if an exceptional Martini isn’t enough, how about Ping Pong? Poker, Martinis, and Ping Pong — you can count on some fun Instagram photos from this one!

Sarah & Danny Westneat

COST: $100 Per Person for Poker -- $50 Per Person for Martinis (visit our Buy Page to reserve your spot!)

Cocktail Party for 18 — June 1, 2019  SOLD OUT!

Event of the season! If you are a big fan of craft cocktails and enjoy the complexities of spirits, this is an opportunity you do not want to miss!

THE MIXOLOGIST: Professional mixologist, journalist and father of 10th & 12th graders at GHS, Paul Clarke, Paul Clarke is the executive editor of Imbibe magazine and the author of The Cocktail Chronicles: Navigating the Cocktail Renaissance with Jigger, Shaker and Glass (Spring House Press, 2015). A journalist who has specialized in spirits, cocktails and the culture of drink for more than a decade, he has written for the New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Serious Eats, Tasting Table, and many other publications and websites, and is a member of the editorial board for the Oxford Companion to Spirits and Cocktails, to be published by Oxford University Press

THE HORS D'OEUVRES: These amazing drinks will be paired with heavy appetizers prepared by fellow GHS parents/hosts: Marya McCabe, Catherine Rigor-Hammond, and Sharmila Williams will be supporting Paul as he works his magic on this evening. They will also be preparing the food menu and contributing their culinary expertise, ensuring an unforgettable gastric and "spiritual" experience

PRE-EVENT CUSTOMIZATION: Once all the attendees are confirmed, we will send an email questionnaire to each person soliciting drink preferences and favorite spirits, any dietary restrictions, allowing us to get a good feel for what will please this crowd. With this information our team will create a menu for the evening highlighting 3 craft cocktails with appetizers that will compliment and pair well with the flavors of each drink. Guests will be able to sample the 3 selected cocktails along with other drink options to choose from.

Marya McCabe, Catherine Rigor-Hammond, and Sharmila Williams

COST: $150 Per Person (visit our Buy Page to reserve your spot!)